mpl-image-labeller’s Documentation

Use Matplotlib to label images for classification. Works anywhere Matplotlib does - from the notebook to a standalone gui!

Key features

  • Single or Multiclass interfaces!

  • Supports lists of classes or onehot encodings

  • Uses keys instead of mouse

  • Only depends on Matplotlib

    • Works anywhere - from inside Jupyter to any supported GUI framework

  • Displays images with correct aspect ratio

  • Easily configurable keymap

  • Smart interactions with default Matplotlib keymap

  • Callback System (see Callbacks)

  • Allows Lazy Loading of Images (Images from a function (Lazy loading))


pip install mpl-image-labeller

Example GIFs

Single Class Interface

Multiclass Interface

A gif of the single class interface. Showing keybindings to assign classes to images.

A gif of the multi-class interface. Showing using both keybindings and mouse to assign classes to images.

Getting help

Please ask usage questions on the Matplotlib 3rd Party Package Discourse. When you do so feel free to use @ianhi to ping me.

Reporting Issues

Please report any issues on github at