mpl-image-labeller’s Documentation#

Use Matplotlib to label images for classification. Works anywhere Matplotlib does - from the notebook to a standalone gui!

Key features#

  • Single or Multiclass interfaces!

  • Supports lists of classes or onehot encodings

  • Uses keys instead of mouse

  • Only depends on Matplotlib

    • Works anywhere - from inside Jupyter to any supported GUI framework

  • Displays images with correct aspect ratio

  • Easily configurable keymap

  • Smart interactions with default Matplotlib keymap

  • Callback System (see Callbacks)

  • Allows Lazy Loading of Images (Images from a function (Lazy loading))


pip install mpl-image-labeller

Example GIFs#

Single Class Interface

Multiclass Interface

A gif of the single class interface. Showing keybindings to assign classes to images.

A gif of the multi-class interface. Showing using both keybindings and mouse to assign classes to images.

Getting help#

Please ask usage questions on the Matplotlib 3rd Party Package Discourse. When you do so feel free to use @ianhi to ping me.

Reporting Issues#

Please report any issues on github at